The temperatures are slowly rising, the days are getting longer, and before you know it spring will be here! For many homeowners, the arrival of spring signals that it’s almost time for their annual spring-cleaning. This yearly ritual is a great opportunity to clean, de-clutter and organize your home, as well as make repairs and get the yard in working shape. While the thought of doing all this may seem daunting at first, it can be a manageable task if you approach it the right way. Read on for our favorite spring-cleaning tips!

1. Planning is key

Don’t just wake up one morning and decide that you’re going to tackle spring-cleaning that day. A productive spring-cleaning should be planned out in advance so you can prioritize your tasks and ensure you’re doing things as efficiently as possible. It will also prevent you from spending half your day running back and forth to the store because you realized you don’t have the cleaning supplies you need. It’s also important to plan your spring-cleaning on a day or weekend that you don’t have anything else going on. While a weekend brunch is fun, it doesn’t lend itself to a productive day of spring-cleaning.

2. Prioritize

Take some time to think about the most important things you’d like to accomplish this spring-cleaning. If you already deep clean your kitchen every other week, then that should be low on your list. But if you’ve been itching to steam clean your carpets, this is a great opportunity to do so. Write down a few things that are top priority to get done, and focus on those first.

3. Don’t take on too much

It’s easy to get carried away and decide that you want to paint your house, re-pave your driveway, and redo your home’s plumbing as part of your spring-cleaning. However, these big projects are best left to another day, as they are complicated and time consuming. Focus your efforts on projects you can complete in one day, such as deep cleaning all the bathrooms and weeding the back yard. Not only will this keep you from getting overwhelmed, but it will also give you a sense of satisfaction when you can look back at everything you’ve accomplished. There’s nothing like a handful of half-finished projects to take the wind out of your spring-cleaning sails!

If replacing floors are on your to-do list this spring, give us a call! We make getting beautiful new floors easy, and offer free in-home consultations.