Looking for durability, with the elegance of solid hardwood flooring for your home in Framingham? Engineered wood flooring offers several advantages as compared to laminate flooring and a solid hardwood floor.

What is an Engineered Wood Floor?

The top layer of an engineered wood floor is made of a real layer of hardwood that can be refinished periodically to maintain a long-lasting vibrancy for your home or office in Framingham. Engineered wood flooring typically has 3-12 multiply ply layers below the top surface of solid hardwood. As the amount of layers increase, the more resilient and durable the floor becomes.

One advantage of an engineered wood floor over laminate flooring is that it can be refinished over time, when scratches and notches begin to appear or if its original vibrancy fades. However, a typical Framingham engineered wood floor cannot be re-sanded more than one to three times, depending on the thickness of its top layer.

In addition, to add value to your home in Framingham engineered wood flooring will offer this benefit over other types of flooring.

Types of Engineered Wood Floors

Oak – Red oak engineered floors are traditional, inexpensive, and provide vibrant and beautiful flooring.

Hickory – To achieve a timeless, classic look, hickory engineered flooring exudes a rich appeal.

Maple – With its elegant finish, maple engineered flooring can often be found in living, dining, and family rooms.

Bamboo – Bamboo engineered flooring is considered a type of engineered wood floor. Its advantages include its environmentally-friendly components and cost-effectiveness.

A Framingham engineered wood floor can provide beauty and durability for several types of areas including basements and bathrooms that are exposed to light moisture and stains. As in any other part of the country including Framingham engineered wood floors can be exposed to various elements. It is important to remember that aesthetic appeal does not have to be comprised for durability. Our expert design associates at Floor Coverings International serving Framingham will be able to walk you through all of the engineered wood flooring options available with a free, in-home consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!